Re: glib(win32) without libffi

At 30.07.2012 04:55, Fan Chun-wei wrote:
於 2012/7/29 下午 09:57, Colin Walters 提到:
On Sun, 2012-07-29 at 15:24 +0200, Hans Breuer wrote:
I didn't say "no"; we're having a discussion. Realistically, so while I
personally *do* care about Windows builds, I find cross-building with
mingw a much saner approach to making Free Software available for Windows
users, though it does obviously hamper our accessibility to Windows
Well, I guess I have to have a say on this, IMHO... Please bear with me for

Not to take sides, but I guess Hans did make really valid points especially
as a long time contributor to GTK+/GNOME on Windows.

See my other mail: I finally followed Colin's advice to try harder ;)
Not by contacting the libffi mailing list, but by using a build environment I know better.

The other big factor that is involved in keeping the Visual C++ build files
up to date is due to the debugging features that are provided by Visual
Studio, as MinGW's gdb isn't as effective in Windows, AFAIK.
Yeah, this is my main point beside not liking to wait for configure or libtool runs.

> [...]
p.s. For LibFFI, I can't say much about building it with mozilla-build and
Visual C++ 6.0, since I don't run it, but it seems from Hans comments
that it uses features provided by later Visual C++ versions, such as 2005+,
which I have managed to do and outlined in

After all it seemed to be some deficiency in the build environments, maybe the lack of 'ml' with msvc6 and the lack of 'lib' with the win7ddk.


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