Re: Fully winding down my involvement in GTK+

On 22 Jul 2012, at 20:44, Simon Feltman wrote:

> It does not really matter how developer discussions take place as long as they are documented and searchable. Transparency of reasoning behind decisions is just as important as the decision for anyone trying to understand the code base. For medium and large development, I advocate for something like pythons PEPs. For smaller stuff, I see nothing wrong with grabbing chunks of IRC or mailing list discussions and copying them into bug reports or just using the bug report for the discussion (the bug number/url/pep can then be referenced as a comment in the code).

Your comments are absolutely valid Simon (as are everyone else's) but I fear we've drifted into a siding here.

The basic problem is that GTK+ has lost two very high calibre developers in a very short space of time.  Michael suggested that there might be other parties willing to get involved - but that there was little interaction between developers and ordinary users in the mailing lists.  Emmanuele then asked for concrete proposals for changing that trend (though I'm not sure which trend he meant:-  the haemorrhage of developers or the poor interaction in the mailing lists!)

I've started the ball rolling with a couple of suggestions but I'm sure there must be better ones.


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