Re: Fully winding down my involvement in GTK+

On 21 Jul 2012, at 05:32, Michael Torrie wrote:

> Now that you mention this, I have noticed practically no traffic on any
> of the devel lists in the last few years.  I am probably not alone in
> thinking GTK development had stalled (though GTK 3 is obvious evidence
> to the contrary!)
> [...]
> As a lurker who would like to follow gtk development, if the developers
> would return to the list I think it would be of great benefit to
> potential contributors like me

I'm not sure either if that's a reality or simply an impression but it's definitely the same impression that I feel about GTK+.  Kris's departure after already losing Tor Lillqvist will be another body blow to Glib and GTK+.

I'd like to echo Michael's comments.  Whatever might be going on 'under the hood' with GTK+ development, there's a feeling that the developers have somehow become disconnected from the users.  My particular interest is gtk-win32 which I now prefer to MFC - but whenever I've needed support, I've tended to feel that I'm being supported by other users and that the developers don't really care about my experiences or problems (with some notable exceptions like Tor and Kris).  Or maybe there's just a shortage of developers at the moment.  From a user's perspective it's hard to tell.

GTK+ is a fantastic product but it'll struggle to survive if it keeps losing developers of this calibre.  I hope someone can find a solution.


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