Re: [introspection] struct without copy constructor

Le Tue, 31 Jan 2012 16:58:37 +0100,
Steve Frécinaux <nudrema gmail com> a écrit :

> You should rather return the object itself (same for the refcount case). 
> Glib doesn't have to know what you return is actually the same instance 
> as before.

I tryed with the object himself but, I got a double free error, at the end.
the binding do not check that object are identical (save adress) and
try to free it two times. Is it a bug ?

> This is not black magic, this is just telling glib how to manage your 
> objects as there is no way in C to duplicate a random struct or free it 
> (you can have pointers, etc).
> Static and refcounted structs are just special cases of copy/free where 
> the copy is the object itself and you don't need to do anything to free 
> the resources.

Yes but in my case the object is not static :), it was allocated by a _new method.



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