Re: glib-mkenums in glib 2

On 31 Dec 2012, at 17:53, David Nečas wrote:

> This all goes to a strange direction.
> First, GRegistryBackend is not an enum, it is a subclass of
> GSettingsBackend.  glib-mkenums will not generated
> g_registry_backend_get_type() for you.
> The get-type function g_registry_backend_get_type() is provied by
> gio/gregistrysettingsbackend.c.  Which is built only on MS Windows
> (using the standard Makefiles, see the if OS_WIN32 condition there).  So
> might it be that you do not compile it into gio?

Aaargh!  Thanks Yeti.  That function looks so much like the ones that get auto generated that I just assumed it must be part of the same family.  It didn't even occur to me that I might have stupidly omitted one of the source modules!  I've added it now and libgio is now building successfully.  I still need to sort out the two (Python generated) modules but everything else is looking pretty good.


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