Re: g-ir-scanner not recognising non-virtual functions

On Mon, 26 Sep 2011 15:57:15 +0200
Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen <mikkel kamstrup canonical com> wrote:

> Sorry if this is not a direct solution to your problem at hand, but if 
> possible (and I guess it is, if it's a "simple library wrapper") you 
> should reconsider writing your high level stuff in Vala, where you can 
> get the Vala compiler to generate gir directly. And with Vala you still 
> have it very easy with integrating bits and bobs in C if needed.

I've looked at Vala, but I'm so familiar with C I'd rather use that with
gob2 even though it's a bit more fiddly. And for the high level stuff I
had python in mind, which I also know well already.

With Vala would I be able to access the sqlite3 API directly or would I
still need to write a GObject wrapper in C anyway?

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