g-ir-scanner not recognising non-virtual functions

I'm developing a simple wrapper library, with the objects defined using
gob2 and I want to export gi bindings for it. At first I didn't bother
making the object methods virtual but they didn't get exported into the
.gir file. When I made them virtual they did get exported. However, I
would also like to export *_new() constructor functions, which aren't
object methods for obvious reasons. And I'm likely to want some other
utility functions which won't be associated with any object.

I've had a quick look at pango (because I already had its source lying
around) and AFAICT that is using non-virtual functions in gir. But it
doesn't seem to be using any extra annotations or g-ir-scanner flags
(difficult to tell, because it uses autotools, and I'm not).

For example, I would like to export this function:

class Gsqlite:Database
        from G:Object
    // ...
     * new:
     * @filename: filename of the database or ":memory:".
     * @error: (out) (allow-none) (default NULL):
     * Returns: a new database object or %NULL
     * Use g_object_unref() to close. All statements must be finalized
     * separately.
    public Gsqlite:Database *
    new(const gchar *filename, GError **error)
        GsqliteDatabase *self = GET_NEW;
        return self_check_open_for_new(self, self_open(self, filename, error));
    // ...

and I'm calling g-ir-scanner like this:

${G_IR_SCANNER} --namespace=Gsqlite --nsversion=0.0 \
        --include=GObject-2.0 --pkg=gobject-2.0 --pkg=sqlite3 \
        --libtool=${LIBTOOL} --library=gsqlite \
        -L${BUILD_DIR} -I${BUILD_DIR} -I${SRC_DIR} \
        ${SRC} -o ${TGT}

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