Re: Fwd: Plans for GTK+ Bundles for win32 and win64?

On 08/09/11 11:39, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
That's a really bad idea for several reasons. First, we don't have the
resources to test ABI compatibility on windows, there has been cases
where some versions have crashed windows apps.

You mean app X uses GTK+ version A and version B is on the system = BOOM right?

That's really about getting the package management/version management right IMO. Right now everyone has to do that themselves or bundle it - which is far from ideal.

Second, Windows is not as good at managing shared .dlls as Linux is. It
can become a nightmare. You need to either wire up the Side by Side
plumbing or mess with %PATH% to get things right, and both approaches
have their own set of problems.

Everything on Windows is a nightmare here :)

You would need to set up the %PATH% correctly if you used a specific version of GTK+ or not (from my experience). I am not suggesting we put the dlls in a common path and even then that's never enough (unless things drastically changed since I did it).

In the Qt world and other toolkits, most people just bundle their
dependencies. That's the standard and the right thing to do on Windows.
Application developers are in charge of delivering a Gtk+ (and other
deps) version that works for their app.

This does have it's advantages too and what I ended up doing also. But it does feel quite wasteful. There is quite a battle in Windows GTK+ app developers getting their software out of the door with this approach and indeed the one I was suggesting.

Third, and the most important. Windows has no package manager. You
should not delegate on users the responsibility of making sure that a
working copy of GTK is installed. This is annoying enough with Java.
A .zip bundle (and maybe some facilities to shove that into your app
installer) is the best approach for now IMHO.

Actually, YES. :) The absence of a package manager (forgetting John's email for the moment) is regrettable but including a package inside your installer which installs GTK+ is not a bad idea and if that was provided AND apps could set their paths up appropriately, it's better than having to do the whole installer crap for GTK+ per project. It's just one more level of modularisation that helps app developers IMO.


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