Re: Fwd: Plans for GTK+ Bundles for win32 and win64?

On 8 September 2011 11:39, Alberto Ruiz <aruiz gnome org> wrote:
> Third, and the most important. Windows has no package manager. You should
> not delegate on users the responsibility of making sure that a working copy
> of GTK is installed. This is annoying enough with Java.
> A .zip bundle (and maybe some facilities to shove that into your app
> installer) is the best approach for now IMHO.

Probably everyone knows about this, but just in case:

This is a package manager for Windows with some MS funding behind it
(they are paying the lead dev and providing the infrastructure, I
believe). If it takes off, this would be the way to get one gtk
runtime for all installed gtk applications. Fingers crossed! It would
be wonderful if this works out.

Until that happy day I agree with Alberto that the best solution is to
bundle a copy of the runtime with each application. It's easy to do
and only adds a few MB to the download.


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