Re: GTK+ 3, Win32 and GtkApplication (DBus woes)

Yes I'm sorry about that. I innocently assumed it would be properly
portable as everything in GTK+ is portable, and there was no
proper notation that the application object was not available
on win32 or osx (like say, GtkUnixPrint widgets).
For the most part it seems that GTK+'s portability holds true. The trouble is in layers beneath it, in this case Gio. I just came across another example of strangeness in Gio on Win32. On Windows it is much rarer to have things installed in a central location available to everyone to use, many applications will ship their own versions of the DLL's in their own private directories. This makes reliance on central-installed, compiled files like compiled schemas in Gio a problem on Windows.

Other underpinning layers like Pango can have the same problem if not compiled properly. For example, you *can* compile it to dynamically load in modules and that works really well on Linux but less well on Win32, where the modules tend to be built in.

Since I am new to this list I am unsure of the etiquette involved in discussing issues in integral underpinnings of GTK+ like Glib/Gio, and I know there's a fair amount of cross-pollination of developers, but if discussions of Glib/Gio issues, especially as related to GTK+ are unwelcome or unproductive here, I'll move my questions to the appropriate place, wherever that is.


PS thank you very much for Glade :) I have some patches for you to get it to compile with MSVC that I'll be sending you shortly.

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