Re: GTK+ 3, Win32 and GtkApplication (DBus woes)

On 3/28/2011 1:12 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 5:35 AM, Kean Johnston<kean johnston gmail com>  wrote:
Hello everyone,

GtkApplication is a rather new piece of the GTK API. There has been
quite a bit of discussion about its role and its impact on cross
platform portability.
I'll try read more of the mailing list archive. I have a vested interest in Gtk+ 3 on Win32 and MacOS, so if ever any help is needed or wanted testing any changes, I am very happy to help.

The answer for now is that if you want cross platform portability,
simply don't use GtkApplication. It didn't exist several months ago,
and there are plenty of excellent apps written with GTK that don't use
In one particular case, namely using the current "beta" of Glade, I was able to get it to at least start working by extracting a previous version of main.c from git. Fortunately, the change the author made to use GtkApplication was in a single commit so it was easy to unwind.

My only concern about "simply don't use it" is that it seems (to me at least) as if newcomers are encouraged that way, and it currently isn't portable, as you stated. Considering what a long history Gtk+ has of being very portable, from the outside looking in it's a bit concerning that it even made it into the mainline in its current state considering its portability impact. I guess because the primary use platform is Linux it is very easy to loose sight of the fact that it is used elsewhere, since the vast majority of users will remain ignorantly happy.

People are very obviously aware of this impact, I'm just adding my voice to the mix keeping portability a primary, rather than secondary concern.

Thank you for your prompt reply.


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