gobject-introspection bug? compiler command name hard-coded in giscanner/sourcescanner.py

In gobject-introspection-0.10.4  giscanner/sourcescanner.py line 277 there is
        cpp_args = ['cc', '-E', '-C', '-I.', '-']

This causes my build to fail (in a way that's not easy to debug)
because,  for obscure reasons,   this particular system does not have a cc command.

my gcc compiler command is gcc.

Like just about every package, gobject-introspection's configure --help states

Some influential environment variables:
  CC          C compiler command

I export CC="gcc" in my environment and would therefore expect that gobject-introspection's configure
should build sourcescanner.py from a sourcescanner.py.in with that value substituted,  but it doesn't.

Is this a bug?  I'm happy to file one if someone thinks it is.

Cheers,   John Lumby

P.S  I hope this is the correct list?


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