some question about cross compile glib2.28.2

Dear all:
I try to build glib for programs running on mips.
I use below config setting
./configure --prefix=/media/sdb1/software/glib/glib-2.28.2.mips/build
--host=mipsel-linux-gnu CC=mipsel-linux-gnu-gcc

and mips-linux.cache content is

I got the following error:
checking for glib-compile-schemas... no
configure: error: Could not find a glib-compile-schemas in your PATH

I found the same error in below:

Does that mean the patch for previous version doesn't check it the source code?
BTW, i try to path 2.28.2 by above instructions.
But it seems screw up the original configure structure.
Should I add any additional configs?

Thank You.

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