Re: Glib resource framework

* Hub Figui?re <hfiguiere teaser fr> schrieb:

> Maybe we could actually support "bundles" like it is done on MacOS.

./configure --prefix=<foo> ?

> The idea of compiling data into a binary file give me a blast from the
> past from the MacOS 9 days.

Actually, it gave me a blast from the old windoze-3.0 days, when M$
still didn't catch previous 20+ years of computer science and preferred
storing resources within executables, configuration and library/component
metadata in a really crude form of hierachical database called "registry"
instead of just using the several decades proven concept of the
hierachical filesystem.

Somewhat funny, how those silly old ideas come up again, and again
and again ;-o

> On the other hand having a bundle (a directory) that contains all the
> file the application needs, including the DSOs would be convenient.

Anybody heared of static linking ? (a concept known since the 60's)

> But this might need to be specified ouside of glib's scope but with API
> in glib/gio to allow it easy use.

First of all, it needs a specific binary loader (which will need
to be ported to dozens of platforms). And, of course, throwing
away decades of computer science research condensed in today's
operating systems, toolchains and system libraries really looks
like a funny idea ;-o

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