Re: Glib resource framework

On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 6:07 PM, Hub Figuière <hfiguiere teaser fr> wrote:

> On the other hand having a bundle (a directory) that contains all the
> file the application needs, including the DSOs would be convenient.
> That could have the following hierarchy

   [ ... ]

> Then is the self contained application.
> It can contain shared libraries, etc.
> But this might need to be specified ouside of glib's scope but with API
> in glib/gio to allow it easy use.
> And yes this looks a lot like what FoundationKit on MacOS offers.

We already package Ardour in this way.

We've overcome all the obstacles with GTK's non-relocatable-ness on
Linux, bar 1, which was mentioned here recently (the way that gmodules
get loaded independent of all environment control. i still haven't
cooked up the proposed patch that would acceptably fix this).

There are some nasty parts. Full details can be found in the non-apple
version of fixup_bundle_environment() in

 A simple API to setup the environment so that the entire GTK stack
will look inside a bundle would be welcome.


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