Re: [Introspection] Trying to remove warnings for Pango-1.0.gir: Boxed or skip?

2011/4/26 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org>:
> On 04/25/11 19:27, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I removed most warnings while generating Pango-1.0.gir, however,
>> there's a last batch of warnings I'm not sure how to get rid of:
> Thanks Alberto!


>> I've been lurking around and all that I can gather is that some of
>> those types are not present in the gir, though I'm not sure why. Any
>> pointers are welcome.
> I see two different cases:
>  - The various PangoAttr* are not boxed separately as they "subclass"
> PangoAttribute without a real object system.  See bug 646788 for example.

Right, I'm not sure how to approach this gi-wise, I will try to pick
walters' brain on this and see how to go ahead.

>  - The other cases (PangoEngineShape, etc) are protected behind
> PANGO_ENABLE_ENGINE, and perhaps some behind PANGO_ENABLE_BACKEND.  Those APIs
> are less stable than the base API and may change between release cycles.  Not
> sure they are worth binding. (ie, do we support someone implementing a Pango
> backend in Python?  Maybe...)

If that's the case, I rather do (skip) on them and enable them in case
anybody comes up with a compelling need :-)

Thanks a lot for the feedback Behdad

Alberto Ruiz

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