GLib/win32 issues summary (was Re: Glib: a Win32 discussion)

At 07.04.2011 09:29, Kean Johnston wrote:
i think that this message was too long and contained too many issues.
i believe you'll get more traction if you:

(a) divide the issues
I wanted to do that but they are all pretty inter-related. I guess the
discussion on gstdio could be separate.

The independent issues I see are:

 - GApplication and cross-platform IPC (already discussed w/o any
   inital patch up to [1], for open design questions see e.g. [2])
 - GLib file APIs (part of this is probably also an issue for
   Gtk+/Broadway/win32 [3])
 - GLib cross-platform runtime relocation support [4]
 - Getting rid of CRT use in GLib? Which C runtine is standard on win32?
   (As I said in the other mails, I seriously doubt removing the CRT
    dependency is a viable option [5])

But I also think trying to get the whole picture first is the right approach, like you did. Now it may be time to spin off dedicated threads for some of the issues. With a too broad subject, people will continue to throw in random additional bits just deviating from the original discussion, like [6] ;).

(c) attach fixes where applicable
Before I spend time making changes I want to get "permission" from the
people that are ultimately going to be responsible for committing the
fixes. I've wasted too many hours of my life in the past working my ass
off on a patch set only to have it rejected by the maintainers because
it disagreed with some underlying philosophy.
Yeah, I know that feeling :)
See e.g.:

Since I am new to this
list and don't know you guys that well I figured I would wait for the
maintainers to give me a go/no go before I started doing real work.

I'm a long time GLib/Gtk+ win32 developer with commit access for about 10 years, but that does not ensure I'm not sometimes producing rotten bits from the very beginning ;-)

Unfortunately there is sometimes a chicken/egg problem with contributions.
The old saying "Show me the code!" also applies to Gtk+ development. See for some details.



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