Getting rid of CRT use in GLib? (was Re: Glib: a Win32 discussion)

At 10.04.2011 17:06, Kean Johnston wrote:
But the dependency to the CRT is not the problem, if there is only one of
them in process.
Agreed, but that is becoming almost impossible to guarantee. If we go to
any lengths to ensure a binary-compiled Glib is linked against
msvcrt.dll, and an average Windows user uses VS2010, they will run into
surprises. Even Microsoft's own code is inconsistent.
So? For me the only solution for any serious Windows developer is to accept the fact, because no one can control the whole software stack on win32, not even Microsoft. But if one follows some basic rules regarding resource allocation/deallocation - as outlined in my previous mail - everything can still work just fine.

Some things are
now using VS-specific versions of the CRT while others are using
msvcrt.dll. It really is a mess, and it really is possible to eliminate
it from glib. The fact that OTHER components, such as zlib or libxml2
may be constructed to use crt is ... frankly ... their issue :)
Nope, it is _my_ issue too, as the maintainer of Dia, which is using all three. And so it is again a GLib issue, at least if the shiny new version is made for real world use ;)

I am trying to address glib. I'll get around to addressing the same issues in
other dependent libraries too but just becuase zlib may rely on the CRT
doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we can to make glib NOT do so.
Here you have lost me (from the we;)). Good luck in your quest ...


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