Re: Glib: a Win32 discussion

Tor Lillqvist just mentionned recently on his blog
that he was moving on to new things (this is bad news for us if you
consider all the high-quality work he did for many years.) So, at the
moment, it's unclear who will be in charge next.

On 04/07/2011 09:29 AM, Kean Johnston wrote:
>> i think that this message was too long and contained too many issues.
>> i believe you'll get more traction if you:
>>     (a) divide the issues
> I wanted to do that but they are all pretty inter-related. I guess the
> discussion on gstdio could be separate.
>>     (c) attach fixes where applicable
> Before I spend time making changes I want to get "permission" from the
> people that are ultimately going to be responsible for committing the
> fixes. I've wasted too many hours of my life in the past working my ass
> off on a patch set only to have it rejected by the maintainers because
> it disagreed with some underlying philosophy. Since I am new to this
> list and don't know you guys that well I figured I would wait for the
> maintainers to give me a go/no go before I started doing real work.
> Kean
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