Cups print backend fixes


some time ago I have looked into the printing stack to sanely support a
new MFP on GNOME. There were some annoying issues that need to be

So I would love to get these issues fixed.

Attachment #168505[1] is the most important patch (bug #599664[2]).
It fixes the non-blocking interaction with the cups server. Because of
missuses of the Cups API and other issues it is only working by chance
currently, and it is blocking the UI unnecessarily.

The other patches are attached to bug #543520[3]. These are about Cups
custom option support.
I am suggesting two patches for GTK+ here.
 1. Attachment #168512[4].
    This patch adds the "Custom." prefix that is
    required to correctly pass the options over to cups.
 2. Attachment #168515[5].
    This patch fixes some issues with the UI. Without it loaded values
    would not be displayed, and the user could be prevented from 
    selecting valid values from the drop down list.
    (ie. even for PICKONE_INT, which allows the user to enter integers
    or select an item from a drop down list, the values in the drop down
    list may be strings)

A Cups issue that breaks conflict detection in GTK+ is already fixed



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