Gtk DirectFB backend (again...)

Hello everyone,

Pushing back the DirectFB subject again.

Last week, I have seen that GTK+ 3.0 has drop the DirectFB backend
because no maintainer was carrying it (which I wasn't aware of). 
This week Sven pushed the patches I made for GTK+ 2.22. I would really
like to see GTK+ work well on DirectFB, that's why I would like to step
up as a maintainer for the backend. I think I could spend up to 1h/2h a
day to respond to bugs and try to fix the last problems I've seen on GTK
+ 2.22 at first, then it would be great to revive the backend in GTK+
3.0 (I started to rework the backend against the master branch but it's
not functional at the moment). has also a number of patches
to Cairo that needs to be pushed upstream.

For those who care, I started to hack/fix on the GTK+ DirectFB backend
about 4 months ago. I needed to build WebKit for a Set Top Box which
only provided a frame buffer driver. Before that, I already wrote a
couple of DirectFB drivers who worked on top of proprietary drivers (not
the usual frame buffer) still for Set Top Box.


Lionel Landwerlin

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