questions re: aux info, size request


several questions looking at this code,

1. I may be nuts but I really thought set_size_request() could reduce
a size request below the widget's normal request, back in the day.
However, won't this code allow set_size_request to *increase* min size

i.e.   cached_size->minimum_size = MAX (cached_size->minimum_size, group_size);

and cached_size->minimum_size is straight from the widget itself.

Am I reading something wrong or was this an intentional change or a bug?

2. The use of AuxInfo in gtkscrolledwindow.c is weird weird weird

scrolledwindow uses the forced size request of the child (done with
set_size_request) but does not use the actual size request of the
child? what?

This appears to be ancient 12-year-old weirdness, see commit 0d15bc66,

In an era of min size, I think we should declare this silly and just
use the min size of the child. The commit introducing this seems to be
in a world where "set_usize()" (the old set_size_request name) meant
"user-explicitly-set size" instead of its current meaning of "minimum
size request"

3. The use of AuxInfo in gtklabel.c I don't really understand, plus seems buggy

Basically, in a w-for-h h-for-w world, why does label need to look at
this itself and include it in its size request up front? I can imagine
the motivation back in the days when wrapped labels had to be hacky,
but now they should not have to be hacky. What is the story on this?

If it is used, the buggy is that it seems to ignore the GtkMisc
padding etc. properties and assume that set_size_request only sets the
size of the text itself, rather than the entire widget.


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