Re: padding cleanup

On Wed, 2010-09-01 at 13:42 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 12:24 PM, Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> wrote:
> > Would it be better to have padding-start and padding-end,
> > rather than -left and -right, and have it do the right
> > thing in RTL locales? I've often wished CSS did it that
> > way, and GTK+ does do most things with start and end
> > already.
> >
> Hmm. does GTK usually do that or does it just name them left and right
> and then flip left and right in RTL?
> Problem with start and end is it doesn't convey vertical vs.
> horizontal. I guess you could do hpadding-start hpadding-end.
> Still isn't the RTL support based on the app developer just thinking
> LTR and then GTK inverting everything?

Well, all of the packing functions use start and end, but I
guess that's just to make the term orientation-neutral.

Looking through the docs, I do see properties like left-attach,
left-margin, and left-padding. So it doesn't make sense to use
start and end unless we switch all terminology. That's probably
just pointless API churn.

Side note: browsers are starting to provide properties using
start and end:

Shaun McCance

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