Re: Gtk-OSX

On 01/09/10 18:17, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
Hello Shawn,

2010/9/1 Shawn Bakhtiar<shashaness hotmail com>:
You tell'm John....

I think the key point here is: "The reason that this thread (and similar
ones in the past) get going is largely because of false advertising: Gtk+
claims to be a cross-platform toolkit."

The GTK+ site clearly advertises the product as a cross-platform toolkit.

Product? This is a project not a product. And it is cross platform.

You _can_ run it on Windows, you can run it on Mac OS X, you can run
it on Intel hardware, ARM hardware, SPARC, you can run it on Linux,
Solaris, FreeBSD.

Is anything of what I said false at all? If that's the case, how is it untrue?

Alberto++ :)

If GTK+ *runs* on these platforms, then why shouldn't we include the support details on

Again, to iterate my point, the end user developing their project would rather see supported ports of the toolkit on one website than as sub-projects somewhere else, regardless of the % of feature complete widgets.

You do make one important point, perhaps we should be detailing the level of feature completeness on Windows and MAC?


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