Re: GtkAdjustment woes

2010/5/15 Tadej Borovšak <tadeboro gmail com>:
> Hi all.

Hey Tadej,

> One thing is clamping of GtkAdjustment::value. Currently, value is
> clamped between values of GtkAdjustment::lower and
> GtkAdjustment::upper, while API documentation states that value is
> clamped between GtkAdjustment::lower and GtkAdjustment::upper -
> GtkAdjustment::page-size. This inconsistency has been already fixed
> once, but because this change broke many applications, fix has been
> reverted and postponed until GTK+-3. I think now would be a good time
> to fix this (again) in git master.

I filled bug #619474 [1] with a patch to use the correct (documented) behaviour.

> Next thing on the list are gtk_adjustment_changed() and
> gtk_adjustment_value_changed() functions. They are used to emit
> GtkAdjustment::changed and GtkAdjustment::value-changed signals
> respectively after direct modification of GtkAdjustment's fields.
> Since all of the public fields of GtkAdjustment are GSEALed now, those
> two functions are redundant now and should probably be marked as
> deprecated in GTK+-2.22 and removed from GTK+-3.

I think that makes sense, any other opinnions?


Javier Jardón Cabezas

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