[Quartz] Gtk Selection

I'm looking at finishing up the Copy/Paste/Clipboard/D&D work that Richard Hult mostly did in 2008. 

Most of what's missing has to do with selections. There's a laundry list of Gdk functions that aren't implemented, and of course the "generic" Gtk selection functions are implemented in terms of the unimplemnted Gdk ones. 

So the "obvious" thing to do is to implement the Gdk functions.


The structure of that part of Gdk follows very closely the X11 way of doing things, and Cocoa Foundation's way of handling selections and clipboards (which they call pasteboards) doesn't line up very well with it. It seems to me that it might work better to just make a gtkselection-quartz.c and implement everything directly, ignoring Gdk entirely, much as Richard did with gtkclipboard-quartz.c and gtkdnd-quartz.c. 

What do you all think?

John Ralls

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