GtkAdjustment woes

Hi all.

I'm doing my best to update GtkAdjustment API docs and migrate them
into sources. But during this endeavor I stumbled upon some issues
that should probably be resolved first.

One thing is clamping of GtkAdjustment::value. Currently, value is
clamped between values of GtkAdjustment::lower and
GtkAdjustment::upper, while API documentation states that value is
clamped between GtkAdjustment::lower and GtkAdjustment::upper -
GtkAdjustment::page-size. This inconsistency has been already fixed
once, but because this change broke many applications, fix has been
reverted and postponed until GTK+-3. I think now would be a good time
to fix this (again) in git master.

Next thing on the list are gtk_adjustment_changed() and
gtk_adjustment_value_changed() functions. They are used to emit
GtkAdjustment::changed and GtkAdjustment::value-changed signals
respectively after direct modification of GtkAdjustment's fields.
Since all of the public fields of GtkAdjustment are GSEALed now, those
two functions are redundant now and should probably be marked as
deprecated in GTK+-2.22 and removed from GTK+-3.

I'm wiling to work on these issues, but before I start doing some
work, I want to hear some opinions and suggestions about this.



Tadej Borovšak
tadeboro gmail com
tadej borovsak gmail com

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