Improving single click for all GTK+ apps to make it suitable as a standard

Hey developers :)

There has been quite a discussion on Ubuntu’s usability mailing list
(Ayatana) about making single click standard or not: (There are some
mockups as well.)

The single click was mainly mentioned for usability (open may be the
most common file action) and accessibility reasons (not able to click
fast); whereas double click was about relearning problems and problems
with other file actions (select, move etc.). But mainly because in
some apps (GtkFileChooser for example) that is just not supported
because the single click mode is currently local to Nautilus.

See also the thread on GNOME’s usability mailing list: (+ bug

Since the global implementation is the main hurdle for single click to
be consistent: Is there any development in this field going on or have
there been discussions about that?

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