Re: Serialization and persistence

On Sun, 2010-05-09 at 15:46 +0100, Matthew Bucknall wrote:
> now GObject serialization has been discussed a few times before
> although, as far as I can tell, no generic solution seems to have been
> made widely available.

I'm not up to speed on GVariant, but if it's not sufficient, it could
probably be a good starting point.

> Currently, I am working on a library which can (de)serialize and/or
> provide persistence for GObjects at the property level. The library is
> extensible in that it can support different serialization formats and
> streaming/storage mechanisms. I'm working on this as a separate
> library at the moment simply because I need the functionality fairly
> quickly.

I wrote something like this[1] on top of Samba's TDB and my concurrency
library, iris[2].  I'm not using it for anything, it was just a hobby
project.  (Supports concurrent transactions, etc).  It has a binary
serializer which can do objects as well as primitive types.


-- Christian


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