Re: GtkNotebook scrolling usability

> Actually, this reminds me of an issue I had while trying to fix tabs
> in the Mac OS X/Quartz engine.
> Basically, on MDI, the Mac "preference" tab mode, is pretty weird,
> that's why Safari and Firefox have their own drawn tabs instead of the
> typical tabs in a preference dialog. If we had a setting to let a tab
> have MDI mode, that could solve the problem from the engine standpoint
> I think.

Now that I think about it, I think the notebook needs a review from a
wider perspective.
We are trying to make this class one-size-fits-all-cases.

We already discussed about simplifying this widget a bit (we already
deprecated the tab-pack child prop for example),
other things should be simplified as well (I just filed bug #612567
about properties that should be).

I think that preference and MDI tabs are quite different, I think we
should have an DocumentsNotebook and PreferencesNotebook classes using
GtkNotebook as a base class, both classes can then provide sane
defaults and additional properties for both use cases (like close
button on MDI tabs which makes no sense on preference tabs)

This would also allow themes and engines to manage both situations in
a saner way instead of trying to collect all properties and figuring
out what the usecase is.

Alberto Ruiz

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