Re: GtkNotebook scrolling usability

Hi! :),

On mié, 2010-03-10 at 16:50 -0600, Cody Russell wrote:
> So, right now GtkNotebook allows you to change tabs by using the mouse
> wheel.  Once I noticed this and the more I thought about it, it really
> seems like a terrible feature and one that may be detrimental to
> usability.

I may understand not all notebooks need this feature. Perhaps we could
have a MDI mode in GtkNotebook, so features such as mouse wheel
scrolling and tab switching on alt+number are effective on these? (The
latter isn't done in GTK+ itself yet, but is featured by most
multitabbed apps)

> I talked to Matthias briefly on irc, and he seemed to agree.  He
> suggested that maybe there's a use for it in the case that you have a
> ton of notebook tabs open, but I'm not quite convinced.  Just wanted to
> post on the lists and see if people have thoughts on this, otherwise I'm
> probably going to file a patch to either rip the feature out or at the
> very least make it so we can disable it. :)
> / Cody
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