Re: GtkNotebook scrolling usability

Am Wed, 10 Mar 2010 16:50:04 -0600
schrieb Cody Russell <bratsche gnome org>:

> So, right now GtkNotebook allows you to change tabs by using the mouse
> wheel.  Once I noticed this and the more I thought about it, it really
> seems like a terrible feature and one that may be detrimental to
> usability.
> I talked to Matthias briefly on irc, and he seemed to agree.  He
> suggested that maybe there's a use for it in the case that you have a
> ton of notebook tabs open, but I'm not quite convinced.  Just wanted
> to post on the lists and see if people have thoughts on this,
> otherwise I'm probably going to file a patch to either rip the
> feature out or at the very least make it so we can disable it. :)
> / Cody

Using the mouse wheel that way in a web browser or text editor is a
very convenient feature. It is much quicker than having to move the
pointer to one of the sides only to switch tabs.

Please don't break it just because you never used it :-)


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