Re: Why is GCompletion deprecated

Le 28/06/10 15:49, Emmanuele Bassi a écrit :
On Mon, 2010-06-28 at 15:26 +0200, Xavier Claessens wrote:

1) I can think a bazillion of UIs that do/should have completion.

the fact that nobody implemented them using GCompletion should give a
hint that: a) this is not a shared opinion and b) it probably wasn't
possible with GCompletion.

Some application do use GCompletion, and empathy does... And it is working fine AFAIK.

they can do that completion with something else than GCompletion, but
then the deprecation warning in the gtk-doc should point to that other
API. Probably GtkEntryCompletion is useful here, but can it be used with
editable GtkTextView (what empathy uses to write IM)?

please, come up with a better API; since I very much doubt you can fix
GCompletion to actually be useful for everyone, it would still require a
deprecation of the GCompletion API.

How could I come up with a better API if:
1) You don't tell what's wrong with current?
2) You keep repeating completion is not used by app, and barely used code shouldn't be included in GLib? If that was true, even a better API should be rejected in glib... or is there something I didn't understand?

2) If all unmaintained code should be deprecated with no replacement,
what do we have left in glib/gtk? Probably not that much...

that is patently an hyperbole, and it's patently untrue. the deprecated
code has been dropped from gtk+ 3.x and we still have a huge API

How is this related to gtk+ api/abi break?

Surely good reasons where discussed with the community before
deprecating the API, but I didn't find public discussion. If I missed
it, please just give me the link ;-)

I seem to have lost the memo requiring public discussion with the
community for a maintainership decision. probably my bad. can you point
me to it?

Do you mean you could remove, for example GtkTreeView, without telling anyone first, with no reason at all, if you wanted? GLib is community project and I though decisions could be taken in an open manner. Especially if that affect a few other GNOME applications, like empathy.

I'm not saying I'm against deprecating GCompletion, but I just wanted to know what are the reasons. And as developer of an app that use GCompletion, what should I do now?

If there are known big issues with GCompletion, surely empathy can get better in using something else, or even if we write new API and include it later in glib. But for that I need to know what are the issues in GCompletion to not be doing the same errors again.

Xavier Claessens.

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