Re: Why is GCompletion deprecated

Le 28/06/10 11:56, Xavier Claessens a écrit :
Hello GLib devs,

I upgraded to latest glib, and I discover that GCompletion is now
deprecated. Empathy was using it to complete the nickname when hitting
TAB in chatrooms.

I see nothing to replace that API... am I supposed to copy/paste its
code inside Empathy?!?

Is there a good reason to deprecated that code?!?

When discussing this on IRC, Emmanuele Bassi said that API is barely used, is not maintained and has bugs that needs API break to fix.


1) I can think a bazillion of UIs that do/should have completion. Maybe they can do that completion with something else than GCompletion, but then the deprecation warning in the gtk-doc should point to that other API. Probably GtkEntryCompletion is useful here, but can it be used with editable GtkTextView (what empathy uses to write IM)?

2) If all unmaintained code should be deprecated with no replacement, what do we have left in glib/gtk? Probably not that much...

3) What are the issues with current GCompletion exactly? It works pretty well in empathy's case at least. I would like to know the issues so we can think about better API to replace GCompletion.

Surely good reasons where discussed with the community before deprecating the API, but I didn't find public discussion. If I missed it, please just give me the link ;-)

Xavier Claessens.

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