GTK+3: Help with latest needed accessors


as you already know, one of the major goals of future GTK+ releases is
seal all public structure fields and use accessor functions instead
direct access to these properties [1]

There is a tracker bug for missing accessors functions here [2].
After doing some patches for various GTK+ apps [3], I think the most
important missing accessors are

- GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED(), GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED() ( see bug [4] ) (Also, is
necessary an accessor for GTK_WIDGET_RC_STYLE() ?)
- GtkTextView->need_im_reset ( see bug [5] )

Also, if someone knows the status of the GtkStyle [6] and GtkRcStyle
[7] sealings, please comment here.

I think that If we can solve the accessor functions for these 3 cases,
most of the GTK+ apps can be compiled with GSEAL_ENABLED and be ready
for GTK+3 transition.


Javier Jardón Cabezas

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