Re: Drawing a GdkDrawable to a frame window from gdk_foreign_new ()

Hmm, my mail client must have cut this message into two mails (bizzare bug).

In case it is actually the list doing this, here is the text of the
mail in full:

Otherwise it is pasted below:

Hey everyone,

I'm helping to write a reparenting window manager and we are drawing
some of our decorations using GDK.

A X Window "frame" is provided to the application that draws the frame
window and from this we create a GdkWindow * with
gdk_window_foreign_new (). The colormap is set to the default colormap
for the screen.

The frame window provided to the application is the parent of a client
window for our window manager and it's parent is a "wrapper" window
between which the window manager handles. We draw directly into this
"frame" window.

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