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Unfortunately, I must be missing something since it doesn't appear to
render correctly. I dumped the pixmap and the corresponding frame
window drawables using gdk_pixbuf_get_from_drawable and saving it
using gdk_pixbuf_save. Linked at the bottom are corresponding images
of the intended drawing on the frame window (the pixmap) and the
drawable dump of the frame window. As you might see, the frame window
is drawn in a corrupt fashion. I also tried calling gdk_window_clear
() and dumping the drawable from that, but I get a similar result.

I have also linked a pastebin to the code. Unfortunately, it's heavily
linked to the development version of compiz, so you may need to
compile that should you need to test it. The drawing happens in void
draw_window_decoration (). The decoration size is calculated in
calc_window_decoration_size (). We take the frame window and create a
GdkWindow from it in add_frame_window ().

Any pointers of what I might be doing wrong here would be great!

Kind Regards,


[Intended window background] http://imgur.com/88W7x
[Actual drawable dump of the window background] http://imgur.com/K44ed
[Pastebin of the code, to where you should replace
/gtk/window-decorator/gtk-window-decorator.c in the compiz/core
section should you choose to test it] http://pastebin.ca/1797929

Sam Spilsbury

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