State of GTK3 (especially the theme api)


Does anybody know whats the state of GTK3? Whats the estimated release date?
I am especially interested in what the theme api looks like?

All wiki pages I found were quite outdate :-(

I ask because about 2 years ago I proposed changes to GTK's theme api
(bug 515600) allowing non-gtk applications (like FireFox and Java) to
efficiently use it, and was told I should wait for GTK-3. That was 2
years ago and it still doesn't look like GTK3 is arround the corner.
The changes were completly backward-compatible.

For now both FireFox and Java render theme elements twice into
pixmaps, read the result back and compare pixel-values in order to
find out which areas are transparent. ARGB pixmaps could help here,
but there would still be a client-server roundtrip, including VRAM
readbacks and GPU stalls. With a theme-api which would allow to render
to cairo-image surfaces everything would be way easier.

Thank you in advance, Clemens

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