Re: help on disabling file-chooser

On Sun, 31 Jan 2010, Kevin Krieser wrote:

> In more embedded type systems, you generally want to limit the
> damage that the user can do, normally inadvertent.  Would you
> really want a file chooser in, say, an ATM?

Of course not, but then you wouldn't write any calls to functions
that mess with GtkFileChooser in your GTK ATM app.  Why is it
necessary to remove the related functionality from the library?

The rationale for the OP's request remains totally opaque to me.
The only "valid" (scare quotes essential) reason I can see is the
one assumed by Tor: that one wants to produce a semi-disabled
version of a GTK app, in the way that "free previews" of some
commercial apps are shipped without the ability to save files.

Allin Cottrell

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