Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2010-12-14

• treeview refactoring
- massive refactoring
  - 41 files changed, 13568 insertions(+), 3204 deletions(-)
  - GtkCellArea
  - moves code out of TreeViewColumn to allow sharing with other cell-based
    view widgets (GtkIconView, GtkComboBox)
- treeview-refactor ready to be merged
- requires another reviewer for the various branches prior to merging
ACTION: test treeview-refactor with a very large dataset (kris)
ACTION: merge treeview-refactor before next snapshot (tristan, kris)
ACTION: review for combo-box-refactor (mclasen?, kris next week)
ACTION: review iconv-iew-refactor (mclasen?)
ACTION: make GtkTreeMenu internal-only (tristan)

• GDK backend
- goal: allow having multiple backends compiled in the same SO
- goal: run-time selection of the backend
  - wayland/x11
  - "html5" backend
  - quartz/x11
- single entry point: gdk_display_manager_get() → platform specific object
- remaining tasks:
  - objectify GdkCursor and make it opaque
  - decide what to do with sucky API
- sucky API:
  - gdk_atom_* should not be backend-specific
  - gdk_error_trap_* should be x11-specific
  - gdk_keyval_from/to_name should be generic
  - anything that touches compound text should be x11-specific
  - foreign windows
  - gdk_spawn_*
- main objective: ABI/API changes in place before 3.0
- backend maintainers to review the changes
- main work should be feasible in a week

• Remaining API/ABI changes
- review bugs marked with the 3.0 milestone
- GPeriodic
  - clutter and gtk not ported
  - needs some more reviews
ACTION: back out GPeriodic for now and retry next cycle
- GtkApplication status
  - actions are still missing
  - the rest is working and already useful
- GtkScrolledWindow.new() should lose the arguments
  - it's a bit late in the game for such API breaks
- GtkRadioGroup
  - not entirely settled
- GtkStyle, GdkColor
  - too late in the game for removing
  - huge fallout
  - make sure internals are fully ported
- removal of the sealed struct members (195 remaining)
- minimum-for-minimum strategy for top-level windows
  - discussion on gtk-devel
  - moves all the size thinkering from widgets to windows
  - might break expected behaviour
  - opt-in or reasonable default

• Release plan
- API/feature freeze end of Dec 2010
  - Release 2.99 first week of January
  - API frozen except for emergencies
  - allows last minute API fixes
- 3.0 one month after 2.99

• GtkStyleContext post-mortem
- jimmac found some real bugs
- use extra weeks for themeing fallout

• Website update
- re-design ready to go
- mostly a switch-over
- pending on the actual 3.0 release

• XI2 by default
- XI2 code paths are well-tested
ACTION: push the change (garnacho)

next meeting: 2010-12-21

W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.name
B: http://blogs.gnome.org/ebassi

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