Re: Gtk-OSX (was: Website proposal for usability)

Hello Paul,

2010/8/30 Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com>:
>> As long as the people working on GTK-OSX do it with a us-vs-them
>> attitude (like you display here by talking about the GTK developers in
>> third person), things are not going to change. If you start
>> considering yourself part of the team and actively engage, things can
>> and will change.
> this is pretty obnoxious.

> i don't know how tor manages to keep his temper with the windows port,

This is a resources issue, most of the existing developers are focused
on Linux, and they have no resources/time to focus on Windows
I have contributed several improvements to improve the Windows support
and I have felt more than welcome to do so.

So this is not obnoxious at all, if the people with the focus and time
actually helped, the situation would be a lot better, what you can't
ask is that the development of Gtk+ to be stalled until someone shows
up and helps with the Windows or Mac OS X port to make a given change.

So yeah, I totally support Matthias here, if you want a better
situation, feel free to JFDI.

Alberto Ruiz

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