Re: rendering-cleanup

At Thu, 22 Jul 2010 10:24:05 +0100,
Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
> > Also, I'm aware that we are very close to a release. I'd understand if
> > that'd make people not want to merge it. But I think it's worth it and
> > the impact is very small compared to the other changes in Gtk3.
> I tend to agree, though we really need app developers to look at this.
> fpeters has been kind enough to generate usage reports in the platform:
> and we should try to get them to the green all over at least the desktop
> suite.

# I can't access at this moment for some network problem. so
# I haven't checked the above pages.

I'm for one wandering how to port my application to gtk+ 3.0.  My
problem is that the current gdk pixbuf nor cairo does not have a
client side pixel buffer other than RGB888 or RGBA8888.

I have been happily using GdkImage, which can support RGB565, but now
GdkImage seems to be a candidate for removal for Gtk+ 3.0.  I've
checked Benjamin's blog[1], but it seems like his page is not touching
non-24/32bit client side buffer issue.


RGB565 does not seem to be a popular format for a desktop anymore, but
it is still used in embedded platform.  so, I'd love to see a good
RGB565 support in Gtk+.

so, what should I do to port a RGB565 application to new platform?

Thanks in advance,

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