Signal handling questions

While playing around with a general system for doing polygon overlays (e.g. for rectangle or line selection) I got stuck on the following problem.

Assume that I have a widget A that has an expose handler exp_A().

Now assume that I would temporarily like to draw an "overlay on A" from the code in expose handler exp_B(). I.e. after exp_A() has finished its work, exp_B() should be called.

I am in control of exp_B() but cannot touch exp_A().

I trigger the calling of expose events by calling gdk_window_invalidate_rect() from update_B().

The problem is as follows:
So how is can this be solved?

If I do g_signal_connect(), can exp_B() e.g. block itself as a signal handler and rethrow() the signal to the other handlers and then return? How is this done?


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