Re: Dropping DirectFB backend from GTK 3

Fully agree. The Debian installer team was providing some maintenance effort - albeit delayed by the version constraints of the project - but now they switched to X as well. Clearly, there are no stakeholders interested in the continued support of DFB.


(Sorry for the quoting: I'm using my phone)

On 13 Aug 2010 17:59, "Benjamin Otte" <otte gnome org> wrote:


This is a notice that I intend to drop the DirectFB backend from GDK
3. It hasn't compiled for weeks now and I haven't heard from anyone
saying he'd look at it. More than that, people I asked about it have
told me that it's basically broken since 2.18, which is almost a year
ago. So it seems that backend is practically unmaintained and broken.

So rather than sending the wrong message about GTK supporting
something, I will get rid of it now that we break stuff anyway.

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