GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS not working under Windows


I have problems using/mixing OpenGL with GTK+ widgets. I posted
mails on gtk-list ML [1][2][3], but didn't get much feedback. As I think it is
(might be) a problem within GTK+ core, I'm posting it here. My target is
to be able to have regular GTK+ widgets appearing in front of an OpenGL
widget, under Windows.

While investigating, I tried to run samples with GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS
enabled, but noticed it was broken under Windows. There are resize
problems and buttons do not work correctly. I reported the problems and
initial debugging [4]. Note that running apps without GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS
does not seem to be an option as the OpenGL context acquires the whole
window area, overlapping everything else.

Does anybody know whether I'm trying to achieve is possible, and how?



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