Testing glib with MSVC on win32

Hi, all

When I was trying to compile glib with MSVC, I also built the tests
contained in glib to see if I got everything right. I ran all tests in
glib, only few of them failed, and checksum-test(the path in glib is
"$(top_srcdir)/tests/checksum-test.c") was one of them. To investigate
further, I downloaded a precompiled glib package from www.gtk.org, and
compiled checksum-test with gcc-mingw, if ran OK. However, it still
failed if compiled with MSVC and linked with precompiled glib package
from www.gtk.org.

The results from the failure are:
Invalid MD5 checksum for `Th' (length 2) counting by 1:
e963bb0ae7c256837953a574e6fbe056 (expecting: eeeb9a8eb45dd351d9ec0eb4acce66ce)

In case you're curious, the other failures are:
* file-test:
failed at:
  strcpy (template, "foobar");
  fd = g_mkstemp (template);
  if (fd != -1)
    g_warning ("g_mkstemp works even if template doesn't contain XXXXXX");
  close (fd);
here, fd is -1, so closing it fails.

*mapping-test, spawn-test: complains invalid arguments to spawn-helper
assert: _crtIsValidHeapPointer(pUserData), not investigate where it
comes from yet.

Best Regards

Shixin Zeng

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