Re: Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2009-11-27

On Wed, 2009-11-25 at 17:52 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > 7. menu export over D-Bus [bratsche]
> > - useful for ubuntu's "application indicators"
> > - Quartz backend
> > - menu reflowing
> > - bratsche is working on a general purpose menu proxy
> > - 3.0 material
> Is this based on proxying actions over dbus, or widgets ? 

Uh, well both I guess.  The original idea was to create a menu proxy
interface that's implemented via a GTypeModule, so that module could
implement OSX-specific functionality on Mac or it could implement
something using dbus.  This would modify GtkMenuShell or something so
that if it has a proxy module loaded then it would be able to push items
to the proxy and listen to events from them.  I've got the code for this
bootstrapped already, but need to flesh it out some more still.

Then I thought this could also be useful for dealing with menubar
overflow, so that the menubar could dump additional menus/menuitems into
the overflow area and get events on them without having to reparent
anything.  This shouldn't depend on any system-level features like
Quartz or dbus though, so I probably need to generalize the code I've
got a little more to make it useful for this case as well.

But anyway, since I don't yet have some good code for this that I'm
confident enough in to share, and since 2.20 is coming pretty soon, I
wasn't planning to try to push for this in the next release.  I've still
got some work to do for c-s-d/rgba.  But after those items are finished
my plan was to work on this next and post it for review once I get it
further along.  General comments right now are of course welcome though
(which is why I even brought it up in the meeting). :)

/ Cody

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