Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2009-11-27

= minutes for the 2009-11-27 meeting =

1. client-side decorations, RGBA windows [bratsche]
- bratsche has time to finish the work on csd
- currently targeting gtk+ 2.20
- some fallout in nautilus/gnome-bg
- Google is interested in csd for Chromium (browser)
- there's the potential for some abuse, but the API should not be
  designed to allow that
- issue on the table: how to signal to the WM the transparent regions
  for shadows and border effects?
- potential solution: XFixes region exposed on the top-level window
  and a property
- submission of window geometry:
  - blocks on: EWMH amendment
  - blocks: client-side window resizing and WM interaction
  - blocks: client-side shadows

2. MPX awesomeness [garnacho]
- No garnacho present, we'll be dealt with through bounty hunters

3. Drop tear-off menus [jjardon]
- https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=597904
- ebassi, mclasen  already in favour
- bratsche joins in
- no objections raised

4. Implement finger and kinetic scrolling [jjardon]
- Midori has a finger/kinetic scrolled window implementation
- Hildon has one as well
- OpenMoko had one
- would it make sense to port the feature to GtkScrolledWindow when
  :gtk-touchscreen-mode is set to TRUE?
- issue: event delivery to children requires subclassing to override
  current default behaviour of gtk+ widgets

5. Deprecate non-multihead API in GDK and GTK+ [jjardon]
- Blocks on mitch and mclasen getting in the Thunderdome

6. Rename configure.in to configure.ac [Enselic]
- trivial issue
- mclasen will have to decide
- ebassi points out that GLib should switch as well
- kalikiana wants to know if there are compatibility issues for the rename
- none direct; there might be external scripts relying on configure.in

7. menu export over D-Bus [bratsche]
- useful for ubuntu's "application indicators"
- Quartz backend
- menu reflowing
- bratsche is working on a general purpose menu proxy
- 3.0 material

8. frequent build issues with jhbuild [timj]
- issues with jhbuild make it difficult to build the platform
- keeping the build from breaking should be a goal
- build dependencies should be targeted at stock systems, e.g. latest
  stable ubuntu, fedora
- build server, to check for breakages: http://build.gnome.org

9. status of gdbus
- waiting for more reviews
- still on track for glib 2.24
- depends on gvariant
- gvariant waiting for more reviews as well
- reviews welcome on gtk-devel-list

next meeting: 2009-12-01

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