Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2009-11-10

= minutes for the 2009-11-10 meeting =

1. bug 600141 (desrt)
- dbus-1 brings in pthread
- gio-2.0 doesn't
- dlopen()-ing a shared object linking to pthread from a library
  that doesn't is a big no-no which kind of works in Linux but
  breaks things like gdb
- big hammer: make gio-2.0 depend on gthread-2.0
- small hammer: make gio-2.0 pkg-config file include -pthread
ACTION: desrt should involve gtk-devel-list and gather feedback

2. libmodel (desrt)
- generic model API
- potentially intersecting with the container/iterator API
- discussion about GObject-based data structures library

3. gvariant merge (desrt)
- pending on more reviews on gtk-devel-list

4. text-buffer 3.0 request (jessevdk)
- split TextView: single TextBuffer driving two TextView widgets
- there are problems with selection and cursor handling
- move some things from the TextBuffer to the TextView, like the
  new EntryBuffer in gtk+ 2.18 does
- worth supporting, targeting 3.0 - might cause deprecations
  during the 2.19/2.20 cycle

5. bug 601234
- GDK_Uhorn is a non-BMP keysym that landed in the compose sequences table
- downcast from uint32 (0x10001af) to uint16 (0x01af)
- a uint32 table for non-BMP Unicode values should be added to avoid
  wasting the work done in shrinking the current uint16 table

next meeting: 2009-11-24, 20:00 UTC

log: http://live.gnome.org/GTK+/Meetings

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