Re: Why are no developers completing/maintaining native Gtk+ for OS X?

On Mon, 2009-11-09 at 19:10 +0100, Jack Skellington wrote:
> Hello All
> I'm currently in charge of the development of a cross-platform OpenGL
> app which uses GTk+ for it's interface.
> The app runs on both *nix/ and win32 but when I started looking
> into OS X I found that the Quartz OS X version of Gtk+ is neither
> complete nor being actively developed.
> I must say I find this rather baffling. I would have thought a
> platform like OS X to be a priority?

Why do you think that?

> I know that solutions like MacPorts provide Gtk+ for the X server in
> OS X, but I strongly doubt that the average OS X user would know where
> to begin with a project like MacPorts, and to be honest the look 'N
> feel ***** compared to native OS X.
> Also if a native Gtk+ OS X framework were available people who are
> maintaining Gtk+ apps would have the option to extend their user base
> to OS X quite quickly.
> I would urge anyone with the time and knowledge to consider helping
> complete Gtk+ for native OS X.

Someone like for example you?

This is a mostly volunteer driven project, and people usually tend to
scratch their itches first before they do stuff that "needs to be

So if it's itching you, please help completing and fixing OS X support.


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